Bury St Edmunds – stained glass

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Bury St Edmunds – stained glass

Bury St Edmunds – stained glass and I am back again working in Bury St Edmunds and this  time for a simple door window refurbishment


I have worked in BSE before see here

The finished article which is top right is undistinguishable from the rest of the original leaded lights:


Bury St Edmunds began as an Anglo Saxon settlement called Bedric’s worth. Worth was a Saxon word meaning an enclosure such as a farm or hamlet surrounded by a stockade. In 630 Sigebert the king of East Anglia founded a monastery there.

Bury St Edmunds is “The nicest town in the world” according to William Cobbett, Essayist and Traveller. The town is probably most famousfor the ruined Abbey that stands near to the town centre, surrounded by Abbey Gardens, and is one of the hidden gems of Suffolk.

The Abbey itself was founded in 1020 and grew in power and wealth up until its suppression in 1539 when,  as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Abbey was surrendered to Henry VIII. It was sold on by the Crown, the Abbot’s Palace survived as a house until 1720 but the Abbey precinct became a quarry for building material for the townsfolk and the shrine of St Edmund was stripped and broken.