Leaded light rebuild exposed

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Leaded light rebuild exposed

Montague Road in Cambridge has seen several leaded lights come to my workshop

Here is the leaded light apart with the central portion still to be stripped


Cracked glass needs to be matched and replaced – this is all caused by the distortion of the leaded panel. As the door slams shut the glass and lead have weight which gradually makes the panel creep – the further from the hinge the greater the force applied.

2017-10-18 20.56.17


I added some sponge draft excluder to the door surround to soften the closing. Client had this to say on completion: ‘All looks good and hopefully will last a good long time.’


Here is another from Sherlock Road in Cambridge receiving the same treatment:


This was how it looked before I started the strip down of the old leadwork


Reinstalled back into the front door the client had this to say: ‘We greatly appreciate your work and love the result.’