Solopark stained glass arrives

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Conservation, Current projects

Solopark stained glass arrives

Solopark stained glass arrives – as I wrote in a previous blog here I have obtained stained glass from the Solopark  group and this week I have another batch.

Included was this interesting stained glass panel depicting a small blonde boy collecting windfall apples and apparently watched over the gate by his grandfather or possibly caught in the act of scrumping by the orchard owner!

More Solopark stained glass arrives

Stained glass panel

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noted the missing right hand corner where it has received a hard knock. I have the three shards of glass and when I strip the panel down I will aim to conserve the panel by bonding the glass back into position using a UV balanced glass glue which should make the repair almost invisible.  I have used this type of glue before to rescue a cracked centre panel inside the leaded windows for this project in Surbiton

The other option is to cut the panel which will make it rectangular and would lose the detail of the ladder.

Here is a closer view of the young boy showing the detail of the panel showimg the excellent work in the painting:

stained glass

Detail view of young boy


Stripping down of the leaded panel will begin next week and the rebuilt stained glass will then include all new lead and replacement red glass where required to make it as good as new. Overall the orchard scene measures 10″ x 8″ and once finished will make an endearing light catcher or the centerpiece for something larger – I look forward to when the next batch of Solopark stained glass arrives.