French Resistance – leaded glass window repair

Posted on Jun 8, 2013 in Current projects, Maintenance, Restoration

French Resistance – leaded glass window repair

French Resistance – leaded glass window repair to a leaded window which would not give in. Not everyone is aware quite how strong a leaded window is – certainly the would-be burglar in Bury St Edmunds had a surprise when he tried to gain entry through a french door in a house in the town – despite battering a hole in it they were unable to climb through.

I was on site within three hours of the first call and working around the team from Suffolk Constabulary’s SOCO I secured the property using an interim plain glazing solution.

The leaded window having put up such a strong fight was beyond salvage and a new unit will had to built to exactly match the original. The replacement will include hidden internal steel strips which will further reinforce the door.

leaded glass French doors repaired after attempted break-in.

Whilst it is possible to crack an individual pane with an errant stone from the lawn mower actually ripping a way through a leaded window is remarkably hard as the solder joints and lead came will readily flex repeatedly absorbing the force applied through it.

 Hopefully the burglar has learned a lesson and will not take on another leaded window in the future!