Zinc lights take major restoration

Posted on Jan 19, 2016 in Conservation, Current projects

Zinc lights take major restoration

2015 saw the major restoration for zinc lights in the former home of MP Sir Francis Pym near Gamlingay. He was legendary as one of Margaret Thatcher’s  cabinet ‘wets’ and an influential politician.

Old Woodbury House is located on Gamlingay Cinques with fantastic views out over the countryside and is part of Tetworth Estate – period pictures show how the house looked during the 1960′s

Aug 2010 091

The project was complex in that the window cames are formed by eight way folded zinc sheet which is soldered to form a distinct pattern. London architects Inskip and Jenkins looked after the specification of the windows ensuring that they would match exactly what had been originally fitted



The overall project was undertaken by Norman and Underwood bringing in trades from all areas to complete the project on behalf of the Wells family who now own Old Woodbury – they too have strong family history which in their case is in brewing

The windows which remained featured plain glass siliconed into the stonework with applied self adhesive leadwork!


New cinquefoil window units were created by mitering zinc before the soldering. Etch primer was used to stabilise the zinc before painted finishes were applied:


The overall change was dramatic with in total thirteen window being recreated