Just in time for the Christmas break (in) – leaded glass restoration

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 in Current projects

Just in time for the Christmas break (in) – leaded glass restoration

Leaded glass restoration – just in time for the Christmas break one of my long term customers Bellerbys College in Cambridge suffered a pre-Christmas break in when an uninvited guest accessed the College through an upper floor leaded glass window. Bellerbys ongoing work can be seen here

The opening window involved is the one to the left accessed from the roof:










The window had been ‘jemmied’ in it’s entirety from the stone frame and as a result the leaded window and frame had to be removed to straighten and restore. These units are built of 16mm lead and are much stronger than you might imagine. Some short term boarding up was required and also some rearranging of the work underway at Emmanuel College to get everything in hand

Reinstalled within five days the building is once again secure. This is not the first time this window has been the subject of an attempt to enter and as it must be the same person if the ‘perp’ is reading this you can be sure of a surprise if you try for a third time - this advice is sadly probably useless as whilst he clearly has a head for heights it is less likely he can read!